Culver City Volvo Cars in Los Angeles has extended warranty service contract plans to help you save time and money

Culver City Volvo Cars offers Protection plans that are designed around you
At Culver City Volvo Cars, we care about the safety and well-being of all our customers. That's why we proudly offer plans that give added protection for those troublesome, unexpected events that every vehicle owner dreads. With more savings, convenience, and value right at your fingertips, we've got the Volvo plan for you. All Volvo VIP Extended Warranty Service Contracts purchased through Culver City Volvo Cars are valid at any Volvo retailer nationwide, even in Canada!

Three Available Coverage Levels:

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Platinum Coverage

Gold Coverage

Powertrain Coverage

*Your Volvo Service Contract begins on the purchase date of contract. Coverage level availability may be limited based on the age, mileage, make and model of your vehicle. Deductible may apply.

 Culver City Volvo Cars has extended service warranty plans to help you save time and money

Purchasing your Volvo VIP Extended Warranty Service Contract from Culver City Volvo Cars has never been easier. All Volvo VIP Extended Warranty Service Contracts can be completed directly over the phone with absolutely no vehicle inspections necessary! 

When it comes to making any financial investment, there is nothing more valuable than peace of mind, especially when it comes to your automobile. Most major vehicle service repairs occur outside of your original new car factory warranty, which is why we offer various Extended Vehicle Service Contracts to help cover your unforeseen expenses.

With three VIP coverage levels offered at Culver City Volvo Cars, we've got you protected. Depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, you can choose up to six additional years of vehicle protection or up to 120,000 miles, whichever comes first. We highly recommend that all repairs or replacements be made at authorized Volvo dealerships to ensure only Volvo genuine new or Volvo re-manufactured parts are used.*

Any Questions?

Contact Charles Lagua at 310-391-0445 to discuss your VIP Extended Warranty Service Contract options.

 Culver City Volvo Cars offers extended warranty plans to help you save money near Los Angeles

Plan Features:

All three VIP coverage plans come with these additional features to keep you moving.*

Alternate Transportation Coverage

The VIP plans offer reimbursement up to $40/day for up to 10 days per covered mechanical breakdown. This coverage includes reimbursement for rental car services, public transportation or ride-sharing services via a licensed rental agency, ride-sharing service, or authorized dealer.

Tow Coverage

The VIP plans offer reimbursement of up to $100 in towing charges per covered mechanical breakdown.

Travel Coverage

If you're more than 100 miles from home and you experience a covered mechanical breakdown, the VIP plans will pay a reimbursement of up to $100 per day (up to $500 per occurrence) for food and lodging.

Vehicle Fluids Coverage

The VIP plans offer replacement of necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants, and approved air conditioner gases that are needed in conjunction with a covered repair.

Improved Resale Value

Each VIP Service Contract plan is fully transferable to a new owner. This makes your vehicle more appealing to potential buyers.

Financing Available

The cost of your selected coverage can be included in the financing of your vehicle. The VIP plan is optional, cancelable and is not required to obtain financing.

*See service contract for additional details.

Additional Information

This optional Volvo Vehicle Protection Plan will not pay or reimburse for mechanical breakdowns caused by misuse, abuse, negligence (including the negligence of any repair facility), improper towing, lack of maintenance of the failed covered part, contamination, damage as the result of continued operation with an overheat condition, lack of coolant or lubricants, lack of oil viscosity, sludge, restricted oil flow, salt, rust and rust damage, environmental damage or chemicals. No payment or reimbursement for the correction of oil consumption, repair of worn rings, or any repairs for reduction in engine efficiency that must be performed on your vehicle when a Mechanical Breakdown has not occurred. See service contract for complete details. The Vehicle Service Contract will not cover the repair or replacement of a part that is covered by any manufacturer warranty.

Volvo Claims Service

Our Volvo representatives will provide you with claims service, authorization and access to an authorized repair facility near you. Just call us at 866-943-1329.

National Coverage - Peace of Mind

Enjoy peace of mind with a Vehicle Service Contract, knowing that you are covered anywhere in the U.S., its territories or possessions, or Canada.

Direct Payment to Dealer

Participating dealers can be paid directly for authorized repairs. You do not have to pay and wait for reimbursement.

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