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At Culver City Volvo Cars, the safety and well-being of our owners is our top priority. Volvo Protection Plans are designed to give you protection against the unforeseen risks that can occur during your everyday driving! Culver City Volvo Cars offers four protection plans with various levels of coverage that can be customized to fit your needs.

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Four Available Coverage Levels:

Culver City Volvo Cars has tire and wheel warranty plan coverage options to help you save time and money

1) Deluxe Coverage:
Even the most cautious drivers can encounter a flat tire or damaged wheel along their travels. Help safeguard your tires with The Deluxe Coverage Plan. The Deluxe Coverage Plan repairs or replaces tires damaged by road hazards; road surface conditions such as potholes, cracks, breaks and debris on the road surface.

This Plan provides for the replacement of wheels when or if the wheel cannot be balanced, will not hold air, or the damage has affected the structural integrity of the wheel.

Deluxe Coverage does not cover cosmetic damage to tires and wheels.

2) Premium Coverage:

Includes all Deluxe Coverage items plus Cosmetic Damage Coverage to an alloy or steel factory wheels.

3) Superior Coverage:

Includes all Deluxe and Premium Coverage items. Repair dents, dings, rips, and tears quickly and conveniently. Repairs are made at authorized participating Dealers and can be included in your routine service visits. No out-of-pocket expenses with covered repairs.

The Superior Coverage covers all aspects of minor damage up to $500 or the amount of your automotive insurance comprehensive deductible, whichever is less. It does not cover any area of the vehicle made of composite material (e.g., bumper). Interior Repair Services: Unlimited repairs of minor rips, burns, tears, holes, punctures, and scratches up to 2" in length.

Complete Windshield Repair of minor chips and nicks caused by small rocks, stones, or other road debris that may hit your car. It does not include windshield replacement.

4) Superior Plus Coverage:

Includes all Deluxe, Premium, and Superior Coverage items. The Volvo Genuine Windshield is an integral part of your vehicle. Not only does it provide for an undistorted view, it serves as a critical structural component of your Volvo. Volvo Genuine Windshields are manufactured to the same specifications as the windshield originally installed in the vehicle at the time of assembly, offering the perfect fit, tolerances and maximum precision.

Windshield Replacement Coverage: If the windshield is not repairable according to Volvo standards, coverage provides replacement of the windshield. Coverage is also inclusive of the calibration to the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). Glass replacement will be VOLVO OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) only. Maximum lifetime aggregate windshield benefit is [$5,000]. Coverage may not be available in all states. Please see state amendments of the contract for eligibility.

Culver City Volvo Cars offers tire and wheel protection warranty plans to help you save time and money

Alternate Transportation*

In the event the vehicle cannot be repaired within the same day, the Volvo Protection Plan provides, up to $50 for one day, for the cost of alternate transportation incurred with a covered repair. Alternate transportation includes
reimbursement for public transportation, rental car services or a ridesharing service.

*Coverage is not provided for shop and parts delay or for work not covered under the contract.

Towing/Roadside Assistance Reimbursement

In addition to the benefits provided under the Volvo Protection Plan, you will receive up to $50 per occurrence,
for towing and/or roadside assistance expenses incurred in connection with a covered repair.

Additional Information

This information is intended to provide only an outline of the types of coverages, exclusions and limitations of the Volvo Protection Plan and should not be relied upon when purchasing this contract. The Plans are optional and expire according to the contract term selected.

Deluxe coverage expires when the lowest tread depth reaches 2/32nds of an inch or the end of term, whichever occurs first. Any tire and/or wheel failure caused by accidents, theft, vandalism, misuse, negligence, abnormal wear and tear are not covered. Wheels covered under the Premium, Superior and Superior Plus coverages are limited to the original set of wheels on the vehicle at the time of sale.

We recommend all repairs and replacements be performed at authorized Volvo dealers using only Volvo Genuine Parts.

The Coverages described in this brochure are not insurance policies. The purchase of any Plan is optional, cancelable, transferable to another owner but not to another vehicle and is not required in order to obtain financing or purchase this vehicle.

*See Contract for a full description of all applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Certain features may not be available in all states.

Please see below for state amendments:

*Windshield replacement not available in the following states: FL, GA, ME, NY, TX, WY

*Interior Repair not available in the following states: AK, IL, IN, NY, OK, OR, VA, WA

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