The 2020 Volvo XC40 is Reliable, Comfortable and Ready for Adventure

If you live in the Culver City area and looking for your next reliable vehicle, then look no further. At Culver City Volvo Cars, we carry new and used models that are ready to be driven to your desired destination. Our friendly staff can help you decide which model is the best fit for you from body style to make to color and year to help find your perfect vehicle.  You don't want to miss out on what we have in store for you.

The Volvo XC40 | Culver City, CA


Our popular and most valuable brand is Volvo that provides luxurious and reliable vehicles.  One of our favorite models is the all-new 2020 Volvo XC40.  The XC40 stands out in a crowd with its angled grille, broad shoulder lines and large alloy wheels that can't go unnoticed.  This SUV is ready for adventure where you'll enjoy every mile, especially when you get to open the panoramic moonroof to enjoy a better view and a brighter cabin. You'll love feeling the fresh air wherever you go to create a space you'll never forget.

The cabin itself is simple and uncluttered with soft-touch materials woven throughout.  While you settle into the leather-appointed seats, you'll have plenty of legroom and headroom thanks to storage areas implemented inside the X40.

You can stay connected to your outside world with advanced technologies, such as the 9-inch Sensus touchscreen that allows you to integrate your smartphone using Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.  You can have access to your apps, maps, music, and more all right in front of you.

Exceptional Capability

If you encounter tough terrain or adverse weather conditions, your XC40 SUV will be able to conquer the roads with all-wheel drive.  You can take control with this feature that distributes power between the front and rear wheels.

Lease a Brand-New Volvo XC40

If you are looking to lease the popular Volvo XC40, then you are going to find an excellent deal at Culver City Volvo Cars. We proudly serve Culver City with a wide selection of Volvo cars and SUVs, including the popular XC40. Stop by and see what we have available.

Why Lease from Culver City Volvo Cars?

So why should you opt to lease? First of all, leasing allows you to drive a new vehicle more often. You can lease a new Volvo XC40 for just 24 months. Two years later, you can hand in the vehicle and get another new Volvo. Imagine the fun you will have driving a new vehicle every two years with all the latest luxury, performance, and tech features.

Another great advantage of leasing is the stress-free driving experience that you will have. You don't have to worry about major repairs. When you lease, all you are responsible for is regular maintenance and fuel. This allows you to focus on the fun you will have with your brand new XC40. 

Finally, leasing a vehicle makes it easy to deal with when it is time to upgrade your car, there are no more worries about having to sell or trade-in your existing SUV. You never have to worry about depreciation or the resale value of your current vehicle. Simply return the SUV to us, and you are done.

In addition to our excellent leasing teams, you will receive top customer service at Culver City Volvo Cars. We pride ourselves on making our customers feel like a member of our family. We will be happy to show you all the amazing new features available on the XC40. We will also help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs. Finally, our finance team will work to offer you the best lease that will fit your monthly budget.

The time to lease your brand new XC40 is now. Come by Culver City Volvo Cars for a test drive today. Our popular Volvo XC40 will not be available for long at these attractive lease terms.

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