Volvo USA Rolls Out New Lifetime Complimentary "Tow for Life" Service

Volvo On Call Displayed on Mobile Device

Volvo Cars has successfully picked-up and delivered customer cars for service appointments in Palo Alto, CA as part of a future valet service program in the United States.

The pilot gets Volvo one step closer to a nationwide rollout of a premium valet vehicle pickup and delivery service that customers access and control through their cellular devices.

Pickup and Delivery is an addition to the company’s growing array of connected car technologies offered on its Volvo On Call mobile suite. Vehicle fueling and washing is already available in the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle, while digital key sharing comes standard on the new Volvo XC40, making the award-winning compact SUV really easy to share with family and friends. In-car delivery of groceries and other items has been active in Europe for over a year and is increasing in popularity. More connected car services will be announced soon.

Feedback from customers in the Pick up and Delivery pilot was overwhelmingly positive and showed they not only value the added convenience, but also saving precious time.

Volvo customers who schedule certain services or repairs can arrange to have a temporary car brought to them and dropped off at their home or office by an official Volvo driver, who then takes the customer’s vehicle to a local Volvo retailer. When work is complete, the customer can share the location, date and time of where they would like an authorized Volvo driver to return their vehicle.

Pickup and Delivery service is slated to expand to more Volvo retailers in the beginning of 2019.

In the future, use of Volvo’s Digital Key technology will enable vehicle swaps without the owner having to be available, making the customer experience totally seamless.

Pickups and deliveries will be scheduled in a mobile app, making valet service requests a matter of a few phone screen taps. It’s as easy as ordering leading on-demand services such as ridesharing. The actual service is based on the Luxe technology platform Volvo acquired in 2017, highlighting how state-of-the-art digital technology accelerates the company’s ability to let customers focus on what’s important to them.

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